Kayaking the most dangerous section of the Upper Niagara River

The upper Niagara River between the Peace Bridge and International Railroad Bridge is considered the most dangerous section of the river. Due to its fast moving current, large volume of water, and unpredictable swirls, it is not a beginner’s paddle. It has claimed many lives and boats throughout the years. We had proper gear and experience to tackle this epic adventure.

Our journey started on the Buffalo River where we paddled past Buffalo Riverworks, Canalside, and the Naval Park. We paddle around the Roundhouse Intake to the mouth of the Niagara River. We then paddled under the Peace Bridge and International Railroad bridge where we hopped between the eddies formed by the bridge abutments. The paddle ended around Strawberry Island.

We had an unexpected visit from the Sherifs. Bystanders on shore mistook our practicing of assisted rescues and rolls as distress and called 911. Thank you to the Sherif’s department, Coast Guard, and Buffalo Fire Department for their quick response. Luckily, this was a false alarm, but great knowing they have our backs if there was a real problem.

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