A Winter Wonderland at Letchworth State Park

Winter is a great time to get outside and take in the frozen landscape. I cannot think of a better place than Letchworth State Park.

In 2015, Letchworth won the USA TODAY Readers’ Choice Award for Best State Park in the United States! Letchworth is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East” because of the 17 mile, 550 ft. canyon that bisects the park.

Upper Falls at Letchworth State Park
Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park

The park is home to more than 35 waterfalls including the 70 ft. Upper Falls, the 107 ft. Middle Falls and Lower Falls along with New York State’s highest plunging waterfall: Inspiration Falls, which is seasonal, and only flows during heavy rain.

Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park

During the winter season, the landscape is transformed into a scene from the Chronicles of Narnia or the Game of Thrones. The many cascades into the gorge are frozen, creating giant icicles on the vertical rock. The three main falls create magical views, encasing the whole area in a sheet of ice.

Ice Volcano at The Glen Iris Inn

One of the most unique features of Letchworth State Park in the winter is the Ice Volcano that is formed at The Glen Iris Inn. A giant cone is formed by a gravity fed fountain on the pond. It can reach heights of 35 ft. or more depending on the temperatures.

Letchworth State Park is a magical place anytime of the year. Experiencing it in the winter is second to none. You will experience breathtaking views of the frozen landscape and the peacefulness the stillness of winter brings.

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