A 7 Year Old Conquers Giant Mountain

By Raiden (son of @keystonehiking)

Hello, my name is Raiden. When I was 7, I hiked Giant Mountain. This mountain is the 12th highest peak in the ADK, at about 4,627 feet. My family and I hiked 6 miles up to the top. Before  we got up to the top, I still had a whole load more of obstacles.

Everybody needed to help each other.

Getting up to the top is challenging . We had to go up, down, and around steep sides of the hills and the mountain. It was really hot later. But then it got chilly towards the top. We had to jump on slippery rocks between streams. I was lucky that we could help each other. We also used trekking poles. I wished I had a really good pair of hiking shoes. Everybody needed to help each other. Near the top, I ate some chili mac. My family ate other freeze dried food.  I remember that after we ate, everybody had to go through these big piles of boulders.

When I hiked, I learned that the best way to hike, is with someone you know. Getting to the top is amazing. It was the first time that I hiked and my mom hiked. It felt like I was soaring over the vast wilderness. The forests seemed as if they were built with a lego set. Now we do a shorter hike or two before we do the bigger hike. Giant Mountain was my first hike. Now i’m 9 and I am about to hike up to Cascade and Porter on June 30th. I’m also about to have my 10th Birthday on July 3rd, on Mount Washington! The reward is the beautiful view of the mountains.

If I could do the hike at 7 years old, I think anyone else can do it too.

Trip Recap

I think everyone should hike, you create memories that will last a life time.  My dad always says a family that hikes together stays together.

Lessons Learned:

I believe you need to be mentally and physically strong to do peaks.  Sometimes you have to fight the pain to get the reward of the view!

Book Recommendation:

I don’t have a favorite book but my dad said anything from John Muir is inspirational.  I’m going to check our library at school & get one of his books.

Favorite Gear Used:

I like my trekking poles a lot.  It makes it easier especially coming down the mountain.

Gear They Wished They Brought:

I wished I had better hiking boots at the time.  Mine were okay, but i now have Merrell’s.

Favorite Meal or Snack:

We always get Mountain House meals and my favorite is the chili mac.  We also take Cliff bars with us for snacks on the hike and I like the brownie flavor.

Maps, Routes and GPS Information

Route Statistics: 5.35 miles, 3065′ elevation

Caltopo Map: https://caltopo.com/m/NQ74

GPS Route: GPX or KML

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