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Western Omelette Ultra & Devil’s Hole/Whirlpool State Park

  • As of October 24, 2023, a portion of Trail 6/Devil’s Hole Trail between the Devil’s Hole Stairs and Whirlpool Stairs is closed.
  • To complete the Devil’s Hole & Whirlpool SP hike, take the stairs down at Whirlpool SP to get to the challenge landmark
  • You will not be able to complete the Ultra until the tail is re-opened.
Avocado Toast Ultra
Letchworth State Park (Trail 18)
  • Letchworth trail 18 is closed a little bit before the landmark, please take a picture before the closure.
Stony Brook State Park Gorge Trail
  • Be advised that The Stony Brook Gorge Trail and will remain closed until seasonal maintenance is completed. Tentative opening date 5/25/24. Contact the Stony Brook office for the most updated trail information.

Turkey Hunting Season – May 1- May 31

  • Affects State Forests, State Parks, WMA, MUA, and some nature preserves.

Other Information

Challenge Packet Version History

Current version: 1.3.1

Version History
1.3.1 – Updated Letchworth Branch Trail milage description, Clean Swell link
1.3 – Updated John B Austin map to better aling with GPS
1.2.1 – Extended coordinate boxes on Royalton & Artpark
1.2 – Updated map for Royalton Ravine for steep section.
1.1 – Update QR code for Franklin Gulf, updated trailhead coordinates for Margery Gallogly
1.0 – Initial Release

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