WNY NAKED Hiking Challenge

Welcome to the Western New York NAKED Hiking Challenge brought to you by Outside Chronicles. This challenge was created to help hikers become one with nature by hiking in their birthday suits. Our goal is to encourage people to get outside, embrace the outdoors, and reap the many benefits of hiking naked.

The Western New York Hiking Challenge is designed to give people an opportunity to explore the trails and their bodies. Along with hiking the trails in the nude, the challenge material will educate participants on identifying various twigs and berries, beavers, and hooters. It will be a long day with the final trail to end with a full moon. This year’s beneficiaries are the Zoar Valley Skinny Falls Revitalization Fund (ZVSFRF) and the Lower Niagara, Lower Your Drawers Society. 

There are 3 Secret Trails each with a unique landmark.

New this year, the “WTF Am I Doing” Ultra Challenge featuring 3 Ultra hikes. WARNING: They are long and hard.

  • Schweddy Balls Ultra
  • Angry Beaver Ultra
  • Pineapple Express Ultra


  1. Complete three (3) trails baring it all April 1, 2021, inclusive.
  2. Take a selfie at the Challenge landmark at each park.
  3. Upload your picture to the submission page.
  4. (Optional) Post your picture to Outside Chronicles Facebook Page or on Instagram. (use hashtags #HikeWNY and #WNYHikingChallenge. Be sure to tag @outsidechronicles).

Complete 3 Trails for: a patch, a sticker, a number, and bragging rights that you bared it all in nature.

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