Winter Birding Chalelnge Tasks

In order to complete the Winter Birding Challenge, participants must complete 20 of the 30 tasks listed below.

1. Create an eBird Account
2. Upload a photo to eBird
3. Upload a sound recording to eBird
4. Submit an eBird Checklist from Beaver Meadow
5. Upload an eBird Checklist from your backyard or neighborhood
6. Participate in a Christmas Bird Count 
7. Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count
8. Participate in a group birding tour
9. Complete one of the “7 Everyday Things You Can Do to Help Birds”
10. Set up a bird feeder
11. Bring a friend birding
12. Upload a “digiscope” photo
13. Find a Snowy Owl
14.  Find a Bald Eagle
15.  Find a Northern Shrike

16.  Find an American Tree Sparrow
17.  Find a Tundra Swan
18.  Find a Long-tailed Duck
19.  Find an American Robin
20.  Find a Snow Bunting
21.  Find a “winter finch”
22.  Find 2 species of geese
23.  Find a loon or a grebe
24.  Find 7 species of gulls in one day
25.  Find 10 species of ducks in one day
26.  Find 50 total species before March 21st
27.  Find 75 total species before March 21st
28.  Find 100 total species before March 21st
29.  Find 10 gull species Before March 21st
30.  Find 20 duck species Before March 21st

BOLD tasks are required to complete the Winter Birding Challenge

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